Project Request: Component Testing

Project request for component testing

Detailed request about products and solutions for component test stands

As you may have already seen, we offer a wide range of measurement systems and testing solutions in different configurations. To be able to offer you qualified consulting and give you an appropriate solution suited to your application and budget, we need some information that we will treat confidentially.

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Task/project description

What is to be tested?
Where will testing take place?
What type of testing is it?
Is there already a mechanical structure/stand?

Questions regarding data acquisition

Questions regarding actuator excitation

How is it to be excited?
If it is excited via field bus communication, which bus?

Questions regarding test stand software / automation

Is there existing test software or an automation system?
3: Existing test stand software or automation system
Via what interface is the data to be transmitted to the automation system?
4: What functionalities would you like to have?:
Testing & visualization:
Documentation & data storage:
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