imc BUSDAQ / imc BUSLOG: data logger

data logger
proven data logger

Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, the data loggers imc BUSDAQ / imc BUSLOG are ideal for vehicle and field testing. With advanced functions ranging from real-time calculations for data analysis and reduction, to a compound yet intuitive trigger engine and support of ECU protocols, imc BUSDAQ is much more than a simple data logger.

While allowing wake up from low power standby to operation within milliseconds (both upon CAN traffic or trigger signal) this compact system also excels in robustness. With condensation protection and an extended temperature range, the imc BUSDAQ series can operate easily in extreme environments.
Specifically, this also includes shock resistance up to 30g as encountered in off-road testing.

At a glance

data logger
imc BUSDAQ: easy to use
  • Self-activation, “wake up on CAN”
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C - +85°C (condensation allowed)
  • PC-independent operation; “black-box” functionality
  • Wireless long-term monitoring and remote maintenance via modem, GPRS and internet
  • Redundant data storage on device and/or PC
  • Up to 512 field bus channels per experiment
  • Real-time data reduction
  • Configuration and operation software: imc STUDIO
  • For comprehensive data analysis and reports, imc FAMOS software is ideal