imc Test & Measurement Days 2017

imc Test & Measurement Days 2017

Free of charge seminar series offered by imc ACADEMY

Practical knowledge for improving tests and measurements

The imc "Test & Measurement Days" are offered free of charge by imc ACADEMY. Four days will be devoted to various aspects of measurement technology and their applications. All seminars are stand-alone and can be visited on a per day basis. 

The imc"Test & Measurement Day" is aimed at users of measurement technology and those interested from the fields of research, development, testing, maintenance and service.

At the end of every day (ca. 15:30 ) there is plenty of time for networking and personal exchange with other participants and trainers.

The first seminar day is ideal for beginners and gives a practical and compact summary of the basics of measurement technology: from the physical background to sensors and data acquisition techniques to data analysis.

The second day is about big data, its structured storage and further processing them into smart data. Concepts for online data compression, efficient ways of data analysis and structured data storage will be presented.

On the third day of the seminar it is all about sound and vibration. You will learn about  the background of NVH testing, sensors and hardware and make important analyses such as sound, vibration, structure and order analysis.

The fourth day is for all those concerned with the design of test stands and test fields. The main focus is on the planning of test bench projects, imc tools (hardware and software) and practical control technology.