Application notes: Test Stand



For quite some time now, interior noise in cars has been getting quieter. The once dominant sound of the internal-combustion engine is now in the background, and other noise sources have moved to the forefront. Due to their high RPM, alternators contribute up to 40% of this total noise inside the vehicle.For acoustical testing of automobile alternators, imc has developed an acoustical power analysis test stand that automatically tests and evaluates emitted noise pollution.

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In a new motor, the water pump can be driven with a gear drive to conserve valuable space. Using an idler gear, as with the use of a belt, the vibrations between components should be decoupled. During the development, testing must be performed to determine whether the proposed decoupling functions correctly.We were able to provide the testing and evaluation.

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Efforts to reduce noise pollution from cars are not limited to tires and exhaust systems alone. Automobile alternators and generators, with their high rotation speed, are currently also coming more and more into the focus of measurement engineers. On high-speed roads, in particular, sound emissions play a crucial role. There’s no question that BOSCH, one of the world’s leading producers of car components, invests all its know-how into the development of quieter car generators.

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