Ready for take-off with imc solutions

Proven and efficient: imc hardware & software for aviation and aerospace 

In the aviation and aerospace industry, type certification procedures for aircrafts have been the driving force for testing. The challenge is now to meet the demands of efficient testing to comply with these high standards.

Measurement and control systems developed by imc have proven to be valued assets among major aircraft manufacturers. There are three device series of imc that are very attractive in that field, offering a high degree of flexibility for hardware setup: the imc C-SERIES, the imc CRONOScompact and the imc CRONOSflex. These can operate either in stand-alone mode or in combined configurations even of mixed types, networked and in conjunction with a PC, to perform tests that encompass structural testing, flight testing, production certification testing (ATP = acceptance test procedure). The internal system components (i.e. sensor and signal conditioning front ends, data logger, storage and signal analysis functions), are uniform for all three systems. The test data can be correlated, analyzed and reported with the same software tools. 

The imc hardware and software can also easily integrate into existing test and measurement environments or control systems, providing synchronized data in a robust platform. These data can also be processed in real-time using an optional “on-line co-processor” onboard the data acquisition device. This platform (imc Online FAMOS) offers an extensive set of calculation and analysis functions, providing immediate feedback and results to the test operator, engineers and/or the associated load control or PLC control systems. Limits can be applied to any of these “real-time” data, and provide immediate response to critical conditions. ⇒ read more

Flight testing

  • Mobile data acquisition in prototype testing
  • Acquisition of basic parameters in flight tests
  • Integration of ARINC, IENA, CAN, AFDX, MIL-STD-1553 and custom busses
  • Synchronized pressure scanning
  • Vibration measurement and data analysis

Test stand / rig solutions

  • Structural analysis of components (e.g., airframes, wings, rotor blades, landing gear, actuators, motors)
  • Strain & stress measurement and control for calibration, static, fatigue and endurance test beds
  • Strain measurements on composite materials
  • Turbine engine test cell instrumentation
  • Integrated automated test stand control & alarm systems





Developmental / production

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) solutions for nose-wheel steering, iron bird & ISTR rigs
  • Development testing of cargo loading systems
  • Integrated ATP test stands for production & quality control
  • Development test bed for high-lift systems
  • Pressure and temperature scanner interfaces for turbine engine test cells
  • Vibration monitoring hardware and software



Your benefit - our goal

  • Direct import of ARINC-429, IENA, CAN-Bus and other bus systems
  • Synchronous and multi-channel data acquisition
  • Extremely rugged, compact and PC-independent hardware for flight testing (black box functionality)
  • Anti-aliasing of analog inputs
  • Decentralized and distributed measurement - effective, flexible and reliable
  • Rapid and reliable measurement results with integrated hardware and software solutions
  • Saving time - real-time calculations by the measurement system itself
  • TEDS-capability - automated sensor integration
  • All measurement devices are network- and synchronization-capable
  • All imc systems are software-configurable
  • User-customized expansions
  • One-stop shop for efficient measurement solutions - throughout the whole testing cycle